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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

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EDM,EDM Drill,CNC Turning,CNC Milling,Wire cutting,GPS Steel can design & produce: Stamping forging, punching bending, metal & plastic injection moulds,Machine Parts Manufacturing: Gears Accessories Cutting Knives for Shear, paper cutting, zigzag knives for package cutting Dies for Press Brakes Punching Die,Maintenance & Repairs Moulds Press Brake (Mechanical and Hydraulic types) Shear (Mechanical and Hydraulic types) Mechanical press and other types of machines Parts for food processing machines Special parts for printing press machines,Different types of stone fixing items can be produced such as: Z Anchor (Z Angle Bracket) L-bracket (L Angle Bracket) Up & Down Angle Bracket With their requested Nuts, Washers, Serrated Washer, Threaded Rod, Bolts, Adjustable arm, and Dowel Pin. Material ranges from A2, A4, or other requested materials.